What is the price for a domain?

There is no easy answer to this question, but most of our domains are dealt between EUR 1.000 and EUR 10.000.

Am I bound to my offer?

Every placed bid at domainname.de is binding for the seller as well as the interested buyer for exactly 21 days (equals 504 hours).

During this period of commitment the other party can always accept the actual bid, resulting in a legally binding contract of purchase.

If a domain is sold on the marketplace to another buyer during this period of commitment, this commitment will expire immediately.

Are all prices incl. tax?

The price for each domain purchase or sale will be shown with the corresponding tax rate. Please make sure the data you submitted to us is correct - especially your VAT number.

VAT - value added tax identification number

A value added tax identification number or VAT identification number (VATIN) is an identifier used in many countries, including the countries of the European Union, for value added tax purposes.

EU-customers with a valid European VAT number and non-EU residents will be charged net prices (price excl. VAT). Exceptional are Austrian citizens, as domainname.de is an Austrian company.

The prices for each domain purchase or sale will be shown with their corresponding tax rate. Please make sure that your data subnmitted to us is correct - especially your VAT/UID number.

What are the fees?

No fees will be charged to the buyer - except a broker was assigned. The sales commission is 15%. Details can be found here.

Do I get an invoice?

We take care of billing the buyer. The seller will get a credit note for the domains sold in return.

How can I pay?

We prefer standard bank transfer to our Austrian account as there are no extra costs for both of us normally.

Our bank data:
realtime.at Domain Services GmbH
Muenchner Bundesstrasse 1
5020 Salzburg / Austria
IBAN: AT503503400000116806

If you'd like to use paypal we are awaiting your payment to our address paypal@realtime.at. Please always make sure to mention the invoice number or domain name so we can assign your payment correctly.

Which securities do I have?

We are a company which is active in the brokerage of domains since 2005.

Each domain we assume is hold in trust - so only we have access to the domain. Only when the payment is confirmed, we will transfer the domain to the buyer and payout the seller. This escrow service of ours has a 100% transfer success rate so far.

How does the transfer work?

The transfer - respectively the owner change - is different depending on the TLD (Domain extension) Our experienced team helps buyer and seller with all questions regarding the transfer process.

Usually we hold each domain in trust to make sure nothing can go wrong during the transfer.

Do I become the owner of the domain name?

Certainly you will become the owner of the domain name. Usually we will send you the AuthCode of the domain (depending on the TLD) after having received your payment.

Your provider can transfer the domain with this AuthCode and will insert you as the owner. We will assist you during the transfer and guarantee a secure transfer to the buyer.

What is public bidding?

Every seller of a domain name has the option to show his current offer in an active negotiation to not only the actual bidder, but everyone else who is interested in buying this domain name.

The seller can either choose the option "public, buy it now ONLY" or "public, by it now AND allow proposal"

These offers will be published at the welcome page of domainname.de